Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 28th

That day is coming up soon.  Time to register for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend!  Who's in?
I'm planning on the Full and possibly Goofy, but that may be a game time decision.

For now, I'm trying to get back in shape to defend my third in my age group medal for the JambalayaFest 5k over Memorial Day Weekend. Much has happened since then, but I'm going to run it.  All of it.

Here's to getting back on track!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shall we start again?

Okay, it's time to start thinking about Disney World 2016.  I'm in.  Who's with me?  I know we have Bobby for Dopey, and Victor says he thinks he wants to do the half.  Peanut and I are in for the full and I may just decide to go Goofy because, well, why not?
Let's get this chatter going again.  I miss this with you all!
Our next race? The Fat Boy 5k.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shirts Revisited

OK, now that we have seen B run the marathon, I want to start planning our running gear - especially the shirts or tops. We talked earlier this year about all wearing the same top. We talked color and saying, but we have not talked material. I am thinking that we don't want to get the 4/$10 t-shirts at ACMoore and have them screen printed. B, you looked like you needed a different shirt - the sleeves were chafing you. T mentioned in an earlier blog about propper PT clothes, and we need to talk about what that is. I will tell you, as my runs get longer, I will probably find that spandex works the best for shorts for me. Butt, since I am slow, y'all won't have to view the back. Ha ha ha.

Seriously, we may want to work on the shirts sooner rather than later. Is there some recommendation from Runners World about where you can get shirts? Since cotton is rotten, I think we aren't likely to be able to dye it a certain color. So, we have to pick from what is out there. I think some folks are already working on it, so my worries may be for naught. But, I have to think of something while running.

I like the idea of using the fabric paint to "write" our names on our shirts. If not our real name, then a nickname. I liked being able to cheer for folks when I knew their names. I think I would like folks to cheer me on that way, too.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Keep the Info Coming

I know it is hard to write when we are FINALLY training. I think everyone has started their training routines now. I have joined a gym near home - for my cross training days. I have an appointment with a trainer on Friday to learn to use the equipment. Now, I can say, I watched some event while working out...Although walking the dog while getting my hour runs in is AOK with me too.

We are 14 weeks out. How are folks feeling? I am pschyed. I ran some with B yesterday at the end of the marathon, and it has me re-energized.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Let's get motivated again

Hi Guys,
I know we are all still motivated, but it has been some time since we posted. I am excited - 17 weeks to go. I ran my first mile this past week. that is one whole mile in a row! K, and B, and A, and A, and M and H and C and especially T - you all run miles I am sure. But this was my first time ever (probably in my life) that I have run an entire mile in one stretch. I am pretty sure in field hockey, I would pause and walk for a bit.

Let me know how your training is going!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hayley's Reasons for Running

Now that I am making some progress in this new “running adventure”, I have decided it will be good to spell out the reasons I run. I know in my mind the reasons why I chose to do this type of fitness, but writing these reasons down will certainly prove to be helpful and motivational in the future – when I need to remember why I’m doing this I will have this list to reference. These are not in any particular order:

I run for me.
I’m not a selfish person, but running is absolutely something that I do which is first and foremost for me. I enjoy having some alone time, time to clear my thoughts, escape stress, mull over things, etcetera. It’s so hard to get this time in today’s world, where I’m constantly bombarded with ways to entertain myself (e.g., TV) that are completely mindless. Being on the track, treadmill, or open road, gives me this gift of precious alone time and greatly improves my mental well-being.

I run for perspective.
Along the same lines as what I was just saying, it’s so easy for me to get caught up in the stress of school, paying bills, etcetera. Going for a run reminds me that life is really much simpler than we have a tendency to make it. I can observe people around me, from a couple taking a walk with their baby in a stroller, to a homeless man, to kids playing in a park. I can appreciate a beautiful tree, flower, or bird. This is all so simple, but these are things I don’t take the time to take note of unless I run by them. Not only can life seem simple and beautiful, but I can also be reminded how fortunate I am. Unlike the homeless man, for instance, I have someplace to return to after my run. This connection to my surroundings gives me perspective.

I run for my loved ones.
Exercising will give me a longer, healthier life. I can therefore spend these additional days with my family and friends, the ones I love. The idea is that I will achieve not only a longer life, but a fuller life as well. More time with those that I love adds up to a happier life. I can have a longer, fuller life with the man I love. I can experience the joys of watching my future kids and grandkids grow. Who wouldn’t want these things? Moreover, the idea is that my own running and commitment to fitness will motivate my loved ones to take up fitness as well. That way they can be around for longer, fuller lives as well! Our multi-state family fitness effort is a testament to this reason to run – we are all motivating each other.

I run for health.
This is an obvious one, and is directly tied in to the above reason of running for my loved ones. I want to live a longer, healthier, fuller life. In order to do this I need to stick to my fitness plan, lose weight, and combat the many predispositions I have to illness and disease. By starting now, my chances are excellent to avoid things like heart disease, diabetes, and so many other things that have plagued my family. I do not want those things because I’ve seen what they do to individuals and their loved ones!! On a lighthearted not, you might say I’m fighting my genes by trying to fit into smaller jeans. :) Not to mention, running has other health benefits that aren’t necessarily physical, including improvements in mood and energy. The endorphins that come with exercise improve my general mood, making me a happier person who’s more able to deal with the changes, surprises, and rocky times of life. I also have more energy which allows me to do more in a day than the average person can. With this energy I can also keep up with those kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and all those other young ones that I love. :)

I run for inspiration.
When I need inspiration, I can find it all around me. As I run around the track in my gym and see an elderly man just walking the outside track, I think ‘Good for you! You’re going a great thing to stay in shape’. As I watch my friends and family members run races to improve their health and lose weight I am awed by what they accomplish. This inspiration works the other way as well. I can actually give others inspiration as I complete runs and races. People who might not be physically active otherwise can be inspired when they hear about my goals or see me crossing a finish line. That in itself is amazing! Furthermore, when people learn that I’m striving to do these things even with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, they realize that they can absolutely strive for these things as well. To be someone’s motivator in this way is an extraordinary gift that running provides.

I run for t-shirts and medals.
These simple, material things are a symbol of my accomplishment. It’s great to be awarded for the races I complete and these things make me feel very proud and satisfied. They also keep my hungry for more, motivating me to the next challenge and the next award. The t-shirts I can wear every day to showcase my achievements and also to inspire others to do the same races. The medals are just for me, but they are also displayed proudly in my home, where friends and family who come to visit can know what I did and be inspired.

I run for structure.
The goals I have set for myself – 5K’s, half-marathons, eventually marathons – they all require training plans. These plans give me the structure I need so that I know I’m training properly in order to achieve my goal. As my husband has said, they take the guesswork out of running. This is vital in order to keep me running, because if I didn’t have a training plan and a goal in sight I would likely make excuses and still be sedentary. Besides keeping me running, the training plans also give structure to my day in general. If I know I have a five-mile run of schedule I can aim to complete that first thing in the morning. Then I can eat, shower, and have energy to tackle the rest of my day knowing that I’ve already accomplished something. In other words, this structure allows me to manage my time better, which is always a wonderful thing.

I run for charity.
This is a reason for running that I didn’t really discover until I started looking into races. Many local races benefit my community (like the Health for Friends 5K I just did). Many benefit wonderful charities and organization, and it’s great to run these races knowing that I’m supporting a great cause.

I run for food.
To end on a lighthearted note, I love, love, love, to eat! I run to increase my metabolism so that I can still eat great food and not feel too guilty. Whether it’s Maine lobster, Rusty’s Frozen Custard, Dysart’s Poutine, J. Tim’s Dirt Wings, Pat’s Pizza, Olive Garden, chocolate in just about any form, or any of my other favorite foods…I run to eat them. :)

I am sure these reasons that I run will continue to change as I get older. Nonetheless, here they all are. I hope they give you a place to start in making your own list. :)

Happy Running!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Disney Trip Planning

Are you starting to plan for the Disney Vacation in January? Use this post to ask your questions and to start the conversation.